Serverless Workflow

A specification for describing workflows that orchestrate serverless, event-driven applications

Why Serverless Workflow

Workflows have become key components of Serverless applications, yet implementations tend to describe workflows differently.


The lack of a common way of describing serverless workflows means developers do not have a consistent way of modelling their serverless orchestrations.

The portability and productivity we can achieve from modeling serverless workflows is hindered overall.

No common workflow format means no common libraries, tooling, and infrastructure for modeling serverless workflows across different cloud platforms and/or containers.

What is Serverless Workflow

Serverless Workflow is a specification for describing workflows in a common way. Serverless Workflow seeks to provide a vendor-neutral and platform-independent markup for orchestrating services on cloud and container platforms.

Serverless Workflow is a new effort and it's still under active development. Its working group consists of a number of leaders in the business automation industry and enthusiasts in that field. The specification is under the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Contribute to the Serverless Workflow Project

Serverless Workflow is organized via the CNCF's Serverless Working Group and everyone is encouraged to join us. If you're interested in contributing, please collaborate with us via

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